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Making it right: conducting ethical research using NPC’s Well-being Measure

Anyone that is involved in research and evaluation – from academics to project managers – should always take time to ensure that their studies are designed and conducted in a way that is ethical. Like more generally in life, ‘ethics’ … Continue reading

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How the UK government values well-being

At the highest levels of government, measuring well-being is increasingly seen as serious evidence. We have written before about how the Prime Minister’s wants it to be used to decide how and where money should be spent. But now a … Continue reading

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Say it loud: “I use NPC’s Well-being Measure!”

If you are using NPC’s Well-being Measure we are sure that you’ll want to tell everyone about it! So we’ve designed a logo that can be used by our customers. When displaying your results, for example in a presentation or … Continue reading

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Helping you to make sense of your results

You’ve run your survey, the responses are in, you’ve printed out your final report and are wondering what to do next…Making sense of your results might seem daunting but it shouldn’t be. To make it easy, we’ve created some easy-to-use … Continue reading

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