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Increase the richness of your analysis by adding custom tags

Want to compare the well-being of different groups of young people in your sample? Interested in knowing whether your work benefits one group of young people more than others? There’s a feature of the Well-being Measure that helps you answer … Continue reading

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Using the Well-being Measure for the first time

We firmly believe that research is not just for experts but that everyone can learn from it. Beginning a new research project can be confusing, so in designing our Well-being Measure we’ve done all we can to try to make … Continue reading

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Why did NPC create the Well-being Measure?

This is the question I get asked most when I tell people about the Well-being Measure. Improving the quality of life – the well-being – of people is at the heart of what charities, schools and youth groups do. How … Continue reading

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Welcome to NPC’s Well-being Measure blog!

Thank you for visiting our blog. Over the coming weeks, months and years, we will use it as a place to communicate with you. We will post handy hints on using the Well-being Measure, new features, and stories about how … Continue reading

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