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Comparing like for like

I was asked recently why the well-being scores from an initial survey don’t always match the initial figures shown in the follow up results. Your follow up results only show participants that have completed both the initial and follow up … Continue reading

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A taste of what’s in our national baseline

Our national baseline is a sample of 4,122 young people across the UK that have completed the well-being survey. It is used in all the statistics generated in NPC’s Well-being Measure and uses data drawn from far and wide across … Continue reading

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Our updated national baseline!

Today we launch our new and updated national baseline! It contains records from 4,122 young people who have completed the survey. The ability to create a baseline is partly thanks to you – as it includes data from your surveys … Continue reading

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Tackling the tricky question of attributing impact

A question we often get asked is ‘how do I know that the difference I see in young people’s well-being is due to my programme, or due to other causes? This question is not new for researchers and one that … Continue reading

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