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The value of measuring national well-being

The Office of National Statistics recently published their report ‘Measuring National Well-being: Life in the UK, 2012’. This report details their findings released in July this year, based on the responses of 160,000 people in the UK. By capturing data on … Continue reading

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Tips for choosing a measurement approach

It’s all well and good knowing what outcomes you are hoping to achieve from an intervention but figuring out the right approach can be a challenge. There are lots of techniques and measurement tools available and they can be overwhelming. We have some … Continue reading

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Adding tags to customise your survey compare groups

Customising your survey by adding tags allows you to filter your results and compare different groups taking your survey for example, pupils from different form groups. For example, if you collect data on whether or not young people are eligible … Continue reading

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Adding participants to your survey

NPC’s Well-being Measure is simple to use and easy to administer.  There are only 6 steps to completing the survey, one of which is particularly sensitive. When you upload your list of participants who are completing your survey an error … Continue reading

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When should you do your follow up survey?

I am often asked how long is best to leave in between an initial and follow up survey. The quick answer is that it really depends on what you want to measure. For example, if running a counselling course, you … Continue reading

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