Watch our online demonstrations to learn more!

To help you learn more about NPC’s Well-being Measure, we have recorded a series of three short online demonstration videos.

In the videos, John Copps, Founder of NPC’s Well-being Measure, describes some of the key things you need to know. Each demo looks at a different aspect of the tool and can be viewed on its own or as part of the series.

Part 1 – About well-being and NPC’s Well-being Measure

Part 1 gives an introduction to the concept of well-being and and why it is important. It introduces NPC’s Well-being Measure and talks about what makes it unique. (Running time: 10 mins 38 secs)

Download presentation of Part 1 here.

Part 2 – Creating, managing and administering surveys

Part 2 covers the process of using NPC’s Well-being Measure. It describes how to create and manage surveys, and how young people complete the survey. It shows how you can use the flexibility of the tool to fit your needs. (Running time: 12 mins 35 secs)

Download presentation of Part 2 here.

For a more detailed description of how to use the tool you can download our user manual from the Help & FAQs page of our website. To read more about tag questions, see here.

Part 3 – Reporting and what to expect from your results

Part 3 looks at the reporting you receive from the Well-being Measure, and what you can expect from your results. Using an example, it explains how to download reports, how to do further analysis, including filtering your results, and what you can learn from the data. (Running time: 11 mins 51 secs)

Download presentation of Part 3 here.

Thanks to Nicholas Heyworth for video editing.

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