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Catherine joined NPC's Well-being Measure team in January 2012 with a brief to help take the Well-being Measure to a wider audience. Before working at NPC, Catherine had a career developing teaching and learning resources for schools in a wide range of curriculum areas from phonics to GCSE revision, and, most recently, on qualifications in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). She has worked for a vairiety of organisations including BBC Worldwide and Pearson Education involving partnerships with the RCA and the OU among others. Catherine has a PGCE from London South Bank University.

Recognise what works

As the teaching union conference season returns, ushered in by chill winds and snow, can we comfort ourselves with warm feelings about student well-being? As exam season looms and teenagers’ stress levels rise, how able are they to cope? In … Continue reading

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Understanding the links between well-being and progress at school

How do different dimensions of well-being impact later educational outcomes? I came across some research published by the Department of Education which starts to answer this question and has the data to prove it.  We were delighted to see some … Continue reading

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Why measuring well-being should trouble all those who care about young people in troubled families

‘Troubled families’ has become something of a watchword in recent discussions of social policy. Earlier this week I attended a breakfast seminar, hosted by The Children’s Society, at which Emma Harrison, Chair of the Working Families Everywhere initiative, spoke about … Continue reading

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