Tips for choosing a measurement approach

It’s all well and good knowing what outcomes you are hoping to achieve from an intervention but figuring out the right approach can be a challenge. There are lots of techniques and measurement tools available and they can be overwhelming.

We have some useful tips to help make the process a little simpler:

1.Decide what’s important. Define your research question and be clear what you want to achieve.

2.Keep it simple. Concentrate on what you really want to know and don’t try to be too ambitious in the scope of your evaluation.

3.Know your limits. You need to choose an approach that matches your resources.

4.Consider investing in training. If you are not confident, get training or seek external help.

5.Think about the future. If you are building your own system, bear in mind that it may quickly go out of date therefore look at the year-on-year costs.

6.Have an open mind. Research is intended to tell you what you don’t already know, so you may find things that surprise you.

Remember that planning is key so don’t be tempted to jump straight in!

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