People like you – hear from customers of the Well-being Measure

We think that our Well-being Measure is the best thing since sliced bread – but then we would, wouldn’t we?!

So don’t just take our word for it. In the short video below, you can read some quotes from our customers, and people that have used the Well-being Measure to evaluate their work. If you like what they say and want to be involved, why not get in touch by sending an email to

You can also read some case studies of organisations using the Well-being Measure here.


About John Copps

John is part of NPC's research and consulting team and is the founder of NPC's Well-being Measure, a social business that provides an online tool to measure young people’s well-being. He has eight years experience of research and consulting, and is passionate about how data can be used to improve the performance of organisations. John is a regular contributor to NPC's blog and has also contributed to pieces for BBC Radio, the Guardian, and the Financial Times. John is a governor of a secondary school.
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