What else can I do with my results?

One of the benefits of using NPC’s Well-being Measure – and the feature of the tool we are proudest of – is the quality and flexibility of the reporting on your results.

Once you’ve closed your survey you can download your own report. But that’s not it… check out the other functions the tool has to offer:

  • Export filtered summary – you can filter your results by your tag questions in the View results page and generate a filtered summary report (as illustrated in the image opposite)
  • Export data set – here you can download the raw, unanalysed data from your survey in an excel format
  • Create pool – this allows you to see the results of more than one survey on the same graph, useful if you have a number of surveys relating to the same project

For further information on analysing your results, check out the guidelines for both initial and follow up surveys.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to drop us an email to wellbeing@philanthropycapital.org.

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