All you need to know about ID codes

When you upload a list of participants to complete your survey, a unique ID code is automatically assigned to each of them (for example, 510-2345g).

This ID code needs to be entered when they complete their survey, regardless or whether it is online or on paper. Each code can only be used once.

But how do we come up with the ID codes? Take the example below and we’ll explain.

The first part is unique to each survey. All participants in a survey will have the same number. The second part, which includes numbers and a letter, is unique to each participant. The numbers count upwards and the letter is added to prevent mistakes or participants guessing each other’s codes.  If you choose to do a follow-up survey, this means that the first part of the code will change but the second part won’t.

Using ID codes is important for two reasons:

  • they protect the anonymity of participants and ensure that individual responses cannot be identified
  • they allow us to track participants when you create a follow-up survey (this is important for the analysis)

Once you have uploaded your list of participants, you can either give out the codes individually or you can send them via email with a link to the survey. For more help with this, you can read our guidelines on administering your survey.

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