How to write your own questions and what not to do!

One of the features of NPC’s Well-being Measure is the ability to add your own questions to your survey. This is helpful if you want to ask things that are not directly about well-being, for example whether participants enjoyed their experience working with you.

Writing your own survey questions sounds simple however it is very easy to make a mistake. How you phrase questions and the wording you choose really do matter.

Take for example the following question: “Do young people make nutritious snacks?”

As our illustrations show, this could read in two very different ways!

Making a snack... or becoming the snack!

Ambiguous questions are just one of many pitfalls you need to avoid. Always consider who the survey is aimed at and ask yourself whether they will understand what it is you are asking. If in doubt, test your questions!

For handy hints on how to write your own survey questions, including examples of what to do and what not to do, you can read our guidance here.

If you would like help writing questions you can contact us about our consulting services by emailing

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